Jennifer Lahman Photography: Blog en-us (C) Jennifer Lahman Photography (Jennifer Lahman Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:44:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:44:00 GMT Jennifer Lahman Photography: Blog 80 120 Photoshoot Fun! Amanda's mom contacted me to take senior photos of her daughter.  Neither Amanda or her mom knew what they wanted from their session.  After a couple of emails, phone calls, and texts, a plan was laid out.  Amanda arrived with 3 outfits that she wanted to use.  We reviewed the outfits, discussed her likes and dislikes, talked about locations and set out to create the senior pictures that she didn't know she wanted!  Once I saw the outfit selections I made a plan in my head of where I wanted to take her and in what order we would do it.  This is a method to my madness I promise! Variables such as lighting, tide, crowds and a bathroom to change in all were mapped out in my head. Our first location would be a pier that I later found out from her mother that the beach location I had chosen was "Perfect" as that was the beach she had grown up going to.  The day had turned cloudy and overcast, which actually was a blessing in disguise.  After I was sure we had nailed the beach photos we headed to our next destination and change of clothing.  I felt that the light and airy dress would be a great fit with the ambiance of Ocean Drive.  I asked Amanda to "window shop" while I tried to capture just the right moment.  Our last stop was over at the Fountains of Royal Palm Pointe.  We were loosing light very quickly, so a quick outfit change and out to shoot some FUN shots of her jumping (she is a cheerleader and dancer).  Her mom left this review on my website: "We just received the proofs of my daughter's senior pictures. All we really knew is that we wanted outdoor photos but we just weren't sure where. Jennifer seemed to know exactly what we wanted and gave us beautiful shots that really fit my daughter's personality. She gives her all in her sessions and it definitely shows. With Jennifer you get more than you expect. I highly recommend her work and know that I will be using her again."



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What's keeping you from your Senior Session?

Hey Seniors, it's not too soon to book your senior sessions!  I want every senior to enjoy their senior session and the photos to reflect you as your own person, not someone I think you should be.  What are your favorite shows, music, books, movies... Are you a cosplayer? Are you a pirate, matey? Are you an animal lover? How about a skater or surfer? An artist that would like to incorporate your work into a shoot?  Has there been one thing in your high school years that you want to remember? Do you want to have FUN? I want to help you portray yourself to the world, and have a great time in the process.  Don't know what to wear? Need help with makeup? I can help you, if you ask. So let's get busy working on those senior portraits before the cooler winter months are gone. 

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A New Look

It was time to update my professional look.  After posting to Facebook my new logo I was asked "what does it mean?" I have given it some thought and as I started thinking back to what I wanted to represent my business, I wanted the look to work with the many sides to my business. The wings to represent the music and band side (hey, Aerosmith had wings), the seniors/teens, the newborns which are gifts from heaven, the butterflies and dragonflies. Men love the Victoria's Secret Angels! And the wings have special meaning because without them I cannot flutter around like a butterfly, accomplishing so many different things. Finally the heart because I put my heart and soul into my photography and I love what I do! What girl doesn't like wings?

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Senior Sessions I am so excited to be starting the new senior portrait season with new custom designed albums.  This is an example of a two page spread that I made.  I am so impressed with the quality of the album I purchased, that I can't wait to share it with my seniors this year!  Book you senior pictures now so your not pressed for time at the end of the year, plus you can schedule during the cooler months if you book now. I offer indoor studio shoots and/or outdoor on location shoots. Below is a sample of another album.

Here's to this year's seniors - The Class of 2014!

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Los Angeles Zoo Project An unexpected phone call from California led to me photographing the Amazonica Water Lily for a new exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo.  The lily pad is native to South America and some Florida botanical gardens have grown them to unusally large sizes for our temperature.  They needed me to take photographs of a 3 foot and a 6 foot pad from above and the side walls of the plant.  The Zoo is building a Lily Pad bridge in it's new exhibit, Rainforests of the Americas.  Due to cost restraints they were not able to use my photos to create a mold, but will be using them for references.  The designer came to Florida and made molds of the actual lily pads to be sent back to California.  I was the liason between the designer and the Garden and helped with the mold process.  It was definately a unique experience and one I won't soon forget!

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Runaway Country 2012 Wondering where I have been lately? Well I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Runaway Country Space Coast Music Festival in Melbourne, FL photographing country music stars such as: Randy Travis, Alan Jackson, Big & Rich, Kelly Pickler, Chris Young, Brantley Gilbert, Jake Owen, Locash Cowboys and more.

This event is huge to say the least.  They take over the entire 400 acres of Wickham Park for this 3 day event which draws nearly 15,000 people!

Check out my galleries of photos to see your favorite country music stars.

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